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segunda-feira, 24 de junho de 2013

Zen Yoga Retreats

Zen Total Yoga Retreats

6 nights in double occupancy in a wonderful rural house in the middel of nature, close to the beach. The right place to relax, enjoy the nature, breath fresh air and meditate
  • 7 nights in single occupancy
  • 3 healthy meals and drinks with organic food
  • 1 massage (thai, ayurvedic, champi or reiki).

Welcome drink at 6 pm on the 1st day
Meditation in the evening
7:30  Yoga & meditation
9:00  Healthy Breakfast
10:30 Get your massage, walk on the beach, swimm, lay back in the amock and read a book, do one of the wonderfull trips.
12:00- 13:30 Lunch
Afternoon of for to what you want
18:00 Yoga & Meditation
19:30 Dinner
and a lot of time to relax in the area, walk on the beach, read a book, breath the fresh air, surf and  do diferente tours in the área.

Next dates:
16-22nd June
1-7th September
In Pedras del Rey, Tavira, Algarve
Preis for 7 days: 518 euros per person
for 3 days (Friday to Sunday) 187 euros

English spoken, Wir sprechen Deutsch, Hablamos Español

Kundalini is the source power who fuses together the sun and moon into fire within the region of the heart. –Kālottara Tantra

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